Incarnation of c***s theory

Who are they?

These people aren’t normal people, they are a set, p-zombie can belong to a main mind progenitor. These people incarnated from their main mind progenitor. These people belonging to his main mind progenitor recycle of birth and death. Any of his each birth line of whole life is ring of them. All of his people can allocate accordingly.

Their special mental capable

These c***s people true existing with a special mental capable. This mental capable would have only all of this main mind progenitor. These c***s existing with supreme quality p-zombie intelligent, cannot know own self to one, how would come what from cannot know oneself. I know all about them because not p-zombie belonging to his main mind progenitor. In this mental capable these c***s simply can narrate to find, of course, you even couldn’t individualize own self to distinguish fundamental of language can speak can carry by act is what from can narrate, like to use reason that would make to laugh because what kind of c*** you are couldn’t hide to me. C***s if gave a paper and pen, you can work out to something because idea of objects reasoning between pencil and paper can get. You should have seen c***s how can do mathematics which from can be philosophical came from language fundamental, These c***s because low intelligent, telling to them what kind of c*** they are as bad person, wouldn’t get. I cannot care about your low intelligent, I know my rights over you to punish. If you had outcome of racism on me, I know my absolute right to break your jaw with sledge hammer. I am number one as good person would make so if done.

They are p-zombie

These people aren’t normal people, p-zombie in scientific term used to address these c***s. I have no interest to hate because you are p-zombie, you would use my race, I also could do like you on you back, I could call you “come, I  will cure you, you are p-zombie”. In term of disparagement  to do on would support by hate which would give to prelude as low intelligent c***. You no need go doctor to find out whether you are p-zombie, you can know yourself.  You cannot divide language perception, you can move body from language perception is one, can you know as one? If moved a picture of frame, do you know came from this? You can narrate would bind from body can move, do you know it? Why what easy for me to know, you couldn’t? Idea of p-zombie believing that you cannot know ‘I’ consciousness. You would jerk yourself to next which couldn’t know. In education you can be philosophical which came from it but don’t know. You c*** would do racism which I can individualize to you but cannot understand. You no need collect which would come from same of it only, on self categorical is different which can support in real world, not p-zombie world, you no true this so even incapable to suffer, you no sensory faculty. Remember this, you are ultimate perfection of bad people real truth, I have right for that only, not you are p-zombie to practice term of disparagement like you would use my race. 

What their specialty

C***s cannot distinguish one self as one, they can do by moving body cannot know, no free will. Incapable  to know time because this reason. Before any act how can configure incapable is what ultimate of low intelligent that would support to can prelude as stupid, don’t know anything about reality. This is one of conjurer acts I can individualize but these c*** cannot. Anyway in their mouth can jerk sounds would come as want to hate before doing which for I want to punish, at least this true for your own sake to make understand as criminal I have right to punish. For example you can see a c*** carrying chest up walked toward to slap, do you know to individualize this? I can for you which you kept doing on me, your c*** Jane people mama who kept you all as her children to induce on me. In your personality and character can show what kind of c*** you are. What is bad people could say as bad people only, you because had been casual simply could have put on somebody cannot justify here anything, take your low intelligent to shove somewhere else because cannot work here. She c*** try to hide stepping on somebody as not hate crime, how can? I can reflect back every of your completed act in my chamber after merged to universal consciousness. In you no what is can know as crime in doing which I know very well but in reality you are c*** is truth, you cannot know because low Intelligent is temporal of delusion, I can cure that with power of god. I would think simply practicing to objects like slamming on keyboard even deserved to be punished but you c***s done on objection to race as compatible, you are save because I am loser, not because I have everything to do. Everyday I only yearned to cure you as p-zombie for punish purpose but as mere human cannot. You have low intelligent very obvious to me because you couldn’t know before an act, configuration to act. How then you are c*** I can reflect yourself back to yourself to understand?

Their style of c***

In your personality and character can show what kind of c*** you are. A c*** who would simply accumulate out on slamming door, handling of object harsh, smacking with things etc. Humble, polite and love is not c*** but what can like.  A good person can love because your own quality. Can a sound can get by eye, how possible? These c***s who racist, in their act wouldn’t have been these you clearly can understand. So you all c*** after done, shouldn’t bullshit to hide. She your people mama Jane would play with you in these on me. Your act cannot divide by objection so through hate crime only can happen. You all c***s after done like when spoke rude to me, slapped etc. Now shouldn’t think to bullshit. I know know, stupid c*** your low intelligent, you cannot know out of language perception, for you just mere acts done with shaped like when you would scold using bad word. In you because no sensory faculty cannot divide between bad and good act but simply of any acts. These c***s bullshit cannot work with me to justify, after you all done, now I have right to care, you shouldn’t have done anything for Jane if were true you aren’t criminal. Anyway some Jane people had been good without any done hate crime by her inducement, if I can find, I wouldn’t punish, I wouldn’t go to simply who didn’t intent and who didn’t do anything by hate crime. Remember c*** I warning you! I know very well my own right, ok? 

My desire to punish

I cannot like who want to step on my face, what kind of c*** in your liking me I know, I only can like who can like me. No wrong to want justice. I have people in my life should prepare to come my life, they are good people, their can like me possible to put, at least true in this level but no a mental capable like yet. These c***s can do racism how can represent by them would do in their special mental capable. Low intelligent c***s who cannot know own self no possible to know own mental capable, these c***s even couldn’t distinguish sounds from vision as not same, what kind of c***s they are I am not sure. Anyway my anger must sanctify. I know you are p-zombie, took advantage on incapable to suffer, under fundamental of language between acts would bind from can move, you stupid c*** bullshit will take from here by perception cannot divide. I know about you well, I must get satisfaction, you after came to my life to contribute bad of life by c*** art of bad people been, after done, now shouldn’t think to escape. I know I have right to punish you, I have right to get justice by punishing you all c***s. In this life you cannot know about yourself what kind of c*** as bad people, your life in p-zombie world only can represent as knowledge in real world where I am existing if cured you to make human. Unfortunately I cannot as mere human. I know why I am waiting to merge universal consciousness, about you about punishing and the other group different problem. For them can give me satisfaction of liked me but in future can get more better if added mental capable. They didn’t belong to your main mind progenitor to have your mental capable racism can do.

If I merged to universal consciousness

In future if I got success on specific day after went, I will definitely punish these c***s. Before going to do, these c***s must come to know their main mind progenitor, I will send his people back to him. I have found new people, they didn’t come to my life yet to cure you people. These people didn’t belong to your main mind progenitor, different main mind progenitor. We would have great plan after I merged to universal consciousness. I first must make all of you go to your main mind progenitor, after that only I will come if were true really happened. Because my anger went wrong with her but in future I could make right after merged universal consciousness. For her know what is our problem. I must win before going to come to you, after that I will begin to punish these people.