Goal in spirituality of buddha

Buddha was an ancient spiritual teacher wrote theory in china. Long time ago where no technologies and electricity, goodness of life, he was lived at that time. He was wrote in intention of how can be saved in life of pain and suffering.  He didn’t worry  about bad people, only desires that can come because bad of something wanting to put back right. For example the women in mobile app game want to practice envy and greed, she don’t want to give herself to me. Under Te Arohanui name, she c*** deliberately changed to man, especially like this c*** all you goodly would have done what nonsense but something what can be use full don’t do anything, simply go on by doing things like these. I know you are white, number one, everybody would like women, you would act like don’t know, please in situation like this don’t practice greed and envy, I am wanting somebody in my life to compensate. Anyway what about suffering he didn’t want I don’t know but suffering in everything shouldn’t want. I liked only his idea about how can merge to universal consciousness, your own building blocks through birth can get insight.  You can attain source of world through mental if can continue mental goodness which naturally would represent to do good and be a good man. Unfortunately through practice I no success, I also use to think about through sleep inducement by sleeping pills can make happen. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nirvana_(Buddhism)

Spiritual goal of Raja Yoga(merge to source of world)

What is raja yoga? This is ancient originated education how to attain spiritual liberation. In this education three part, one is mind control(morality; preserve righteousness and destroy bad people), second is breath control and third is muscle control, one of can perform acts in all way. Through meditation if mastered, you can have before birth and while in world, this is what called as samadhi, enlightenment. Maybe can know before birth, after life, raja yoga cannot but stretching can improve muscles and possible to expand muscle tissues. If were true through building blocks of structure by central nervous system need to develop until when can conclude samadhi, this should have compatible of form over space relation how can to understand. My desire true but way no existing. Only sounds of smacking things can hear and singing songs of this Hindi man like birds but such goodness spiritual liberation cannot. Immortality and living without form not possible, if died, permanently lost from life. Raja Yoga.

My goal

In hell I am not happy, cannot be forever because world itself created to be in this condition with full of people from fokultan root. In life of unhappy, troubles and pain I have thought I should have somebody to compensate me until when prophecy will fulfill, I also would want a good chef to make me happy.  I founded new type of people mentality, these people didn’t belong to fokultan root, for them different progenitor true. These people true a special mental capable which is self-lust. In this situation of life I shouldn’t be so choosey, what got should use to treasure as what in hell can counteract temporarily until prophecy when I will find whether I will merge to universal consciousness. Anybody who can have interest to care my life in hell, leave your message in blog post page. 

Path to prophecy can fail

About my life not simple to understand, how I learned based on my life and nature of current state reality, I am believing that became victim because a god.  This god also who came from fokultan root, he racist like Jane her people. According to me I were born to suffer because this reason believing. He used his can incarnate over somebody birth. This while true because another reason i am believing in a prophecy that help to merge universal consciousness. His project must affect me because his setting in machine cannot p-zombie by absorption. In case if were wrong how I learned about things, cannot happen on specific day. I have nothing in this life, waiting for prophecy only, full of two type of people only existing, one is fokultan root and another is super self-lust women root, what can become favor to what I would like didn’t exist, I no even desire to live, what point of going through life simply. Being a human only can know pain of hell, p-zombie cannot understand so for you can be as hobby. I have desire to suicide die, many news cases about suicide dead only brought desire for me. This hobby only attracted me. I have found a 2017 year news case, visit to read. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6954299/amp/Mother-warns-social-media-dangers-daughter-wrote-RIP-foot-hanged-herself.html

In case if got success

In future after went I will find out whether I would merge to universal consciousness or not. If no success,  I will return. If got success, I will  use my power to cure corrupted world by p-zombie c***s. Currently in this world didn’t born a normal human, you all would belong to a main mind progenitor because p-zombie, I will prove in future. I went through life to suffer only. If got success, I will use a blueprint to space-time out of animal kingdom to begin life. I will create normal human without a main mind progenitor because you aren’t p-zombie to belong animal kingdom. Here because can entangle over latent building blocks of structure I possible to add mental capable which can work as on self categorical by on self evaluation, this in your matrix can relate what is sexuality physically. Therefore my life will be great because can like would represent in all way how can be without put. I will beat your chest to break out with huge sledge hammer. I went through racism would deserve compensation. I know my right is what. This is only my desire which stated but how exactly universal consciousness would be to offer what can do I don’t know, I should find out.

Devotional Service

I know I cannot get anybody, if got, only going to be her with her friends. My feeling would hurt if anybody from super self-lust women root would do devotional service. Please don’t insult me, I know you cannot like me at all.  Present shouldn’t buy to give, I wouldn’t accept. This problem cannot tackle after these all happened, you proved no true can like me because didn’t care about c*** Jane. Devotional service can do by liking somebody. You left without doing anything fooled simply to care about online service because no true can like me. Devotional service can accept only if can create bondage on can like me. She no true on self-categorical by on self-evaluation can bind to have what itself would represent by idea of it, like c***s those Jane’s people how done racism. Your can like possible to individualize contentment of compatible support like racism. Whether in matrix of you within physical can relate to sexuality is another part in this matter.  If you had alone this, enough for now to deal later in spirituality. Remember stupid nothing to do with put, don’t find in a philosophical foundation to flap up like how can understand football to play. If you aren’t witch that would have self-lust mental capable, I would forgive you if you would change, begin to do devotional service. 

In pain of life no counteraction

Mouth c*** can give abusive and mood spoiling only. I became human hater because all what can give is pain of life. I have nobody in my life to compensate me in my life to goal. I cannot get normal people which is true but my target is those women from super self-lust women root(a main mind progenitor) to keep in my life until goal. No anybody for me to connect emotionally. I have desire to have many especially good people who didn’t come from fokultan as fans to my goal of life. Invite me to give feast. I cannot like who want to step on my face, who disrespect me, not myself to support opposite of tendency. I can like good people to connect emotionally which in tendency of liking good people would give.