This website created to create awareness about my life and people in my life who they are in nature. Intention of this website to get help from who want to help. Take part in my quest to find result in end which is a prophecy would fulfil to find out whether I will merge to universal consciousness or not. For whoever would get interest to serve me, leave message in blog post page, I will reply. 

My life is theory

I am believing in prophecy that can happen. This prophecy I learned to believe because my life had been about pain and suffer only, this no consent of p-zombie because no sensory faculty plus mental, if were true, can know  on self categorical by on self evaluation which is an individual, what is suffer can divide from to exist as one. I learned about foundation of life itself as about to give suffer and pain to me because I only can suffer, so as type of people would require which had been created, fokultan root. Human are source of it giver but diseases also can do, the other group which is super self-lust women root, I don’t know why they are created. Good people are different which didn’t give for me. Dukkha is a buddhist word about pain and suffer. Buddha’s goal is to remove possibility to suffer. The same goal also became as mine. Unfortunately I am not success yet. 

My life is hell

I went through a lot in my life, I didn’t live a good life. My race brought a big problem in my life because this all c***s came to practice term of disparagement(racism) to do on like want to slap, etc. In my life only about these had been. Understanding about this truth puzzled me to realize as mystery need to solve. In my life led to spirituality because this reason which meant to understand like this by them. In my current life a women named Jane and her collected people came from same path of life to lead. 

Too much talking people in my life

Wrong can do in speaking can do true existing possible. I have record got pain of infliction by this many people, of course you are fundamental of can speak only, aren’t you? A women without term of disparagement done on me, she done in speaking can do crime. This women done all of wrong that can do in speaking without term of disparagement can do. I have such great record of got infliction by this women. In speaking simply shouldn’t let out by fooling because I under productivity can jerk out. She couldn’t contain from herself productivity to do this. She has record of done crime can use always. 

My Enemies

These people who practiced term of disparagement to do on throughout my life from child until now, these people aren’t normal people, I recognized their c*** capable of can do again and again like can take out from throat to scold on, how exactly performed? In my life I thought my life as special because I were born to give these c***s to my life so obvious, you cannot get a same of c*** throughout life. What for gave? Hate on me tried to practice sharing by who done? Jane currently existing with her people for this purpose but who is their main mind progenitor? Of course a world out of this world would require to take blame on caused. Even if didn’t cause, these c***s still would require a main mind progenitor to share by because these c***s are p-zombie which I am sure, what kind of c*** they couldn’t see for oneself, a bad people what is in reality and how would make up fucking c*** cannot say save because cannot know because you shitted into life to be a p-zombie. I learned about their main mind progenitor. Let say it as fokultan root.