My life and path to spirituality

Universal Consciousness

Source of world is everything. Everything what can create would build by source  of world. Building blocks of structures and proportional are building blocks of everything, sounds, light, etc. These especially would constitute by electromagnetism that out of structures any. If can exist out of consciousness without built by structure, this is universal consciousness. Can merge to universal consciousness is a science fiction that can exist before birth to know own birth into structures forming. 

Underground world!

P-zombie in scientific term to address living beings that can exist under fundamental of electromagnetism. In this form of entity would have match able environment of world that cannot be same as reality in structures building blocks. In some of expounded knowledge like by George Berkeley and Immanuel Kant would describe about entity in this level. P-zombie wouldn’t have mental and sensory faculty, their fundamental is language, out of language incapable, if you would ask what is out of language, would say not speaking, that is what their level in understanding about own self. P-zombie c*** cannot divide perception by language so what is act also undivided from intention, judgment, etc. It would have jerked up when felt heat. Simply speaking is not a good thing to do, this is product of low intelligent. Currently with who I am living abuses me by mouth, you should hear how all would say about things to play fool, if you would use to condemn because you simply can speak so, how I can say didn’t deserve to be punished? Shit especially in this would do good but in cooking deliberately would fool to spoil original recipe, even a single time I never tasted taste of good food by she cooking.

Main mind progenitor theory

P-zombie would exist under fundamental of electromagnetism without structures over so would require to support their existent on fabric of world’s space in different way. According to an ancient scripture you would have a main mind progenitor. This isn’t a person but can have a form. All self that can born under fundamental of electromagnetism would entangle by it. What is world and how you can have by world as fundamental of p-zombie environment would belong to it. Main mind progenitor and anybody who can entangle on would have a real self. A real world under building blocks of structure can compose by real self only, not a self under fundamental of electromagnetism by main mind progenitor.